2 years and counting


2 years and counting

Its been a terrible 2 years for everyone, from being furloughed, self isolation, lack of overseas holidays, missing loved ones and of course losing loved ones to the dreaded Coronavirus.  This time last year we were considering going back into lockdown as case numbers rose and the spectre of that is haunting folks again.  There were some articles at the weekend that indicated the modelling showing cases dropping again soon and we certainly hope this happens so we can enjoy a more normal Christmas this year. 

Last December we ran our #bostinbrummie campaign where we gave away a free bouquet every day to a deserving Brummie nominated by a friend of family member for going the extra mile during the pandemic.  We are considering doing this again in January and will run it in conjunction with our friends at LoveBrum.

I myself attended a funeral for a lost friend only last week.  He had suffered from COPD for a few years and had managed to dodge COVID until he could get double jabbed but succumbed to other complications of his illness.  The only positive was that unlike so many families in the last two years it was possible to give him a proper send off at Sandwell Crematorium and a party that he would definitely have approved of at Edgbaston Golf Club.

Coincidentally we had just launched our funeral flowers package which is growing all the time.  We were pleased  to be able to provide a Jamaican Flag wreath for a funeral in Handsworth the following week.  Something a wee bit personalised for the gentleman in question.  The team have been making bespoke funeral arrangements for many years and this is just one of the specialities.

We launch our funeral collection at the end of November, time to look forward and celebrate again, and keep loved ones close – tomorrow isn’t promised to us so cherish every day.